My London: Virtual Tours in British Castles


Visit and discover some of the most important British castles and palaces without leaving your home!

Given that London, like many other parts of the UK, is facing tighter restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19 (news announced during the production of BBMag), we decided to extend our previous coverage of virtual tours and online exhibitions available throughout the UK.


In addition to the museums profiled in edition 11—the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Air Force Museum, Natural History Museum, Cavalry Museum, Liverpool World Museum, Holyroodhouse Palace, SS Great Britain, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Waddesdon Mansion and the Imperial War Museum—we have some fantastic options for you. Take a look:


Buckingham Palace, England

First on our new list is the iconic Buckingham Palace, the queen’s official residence. It is a hub of activity and welcomes tens of thousands of people through its gates every year for a diverse range of activities, such as diplomatic meetings, garden parties, public appearances, and other gatherings. And best of all, you can now visit the palace yourself, online. Join the virtual tour by clicking here.



Old Royal Naval College Greenwich, England

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is also primed to receive online visitors. Thanks to the 360-degree virtual tour, it is now possible to take in its famous Sistine chapel from all angles and appreciate the very best of classical architecture. Access the virtual tour by clicking here.




Tower of London, England

The tour offers a full audio guide and passes through the room where crown jewels are kept. The 360-degree functionality allows visitors to enjoy a unique perspective. Find out more click here.






Irish Museum of Modern Art, England

The Irish Museum of Modern Art’s official website hosts several exhibitions and documentaries, as well as a range of exclusive artefacts. You can browse more 3,500 works on display while taking in the history of modern art in Ireland, and much more. Join this virtual tour by clicking here.




National Galleries, Scotland

Although Scotland is (at the time of writing) in a slow and gradual process of reopening, some of its museums are offering virtual tours. Just click on the What’s Available tab for a list of digital exhibitions. Access this virtual tour clicking here.





Tate Britain, England

Tate Britain is one of the most notorious museums in the UK and offers a number of virtual tours of the various collections of paintings and other works. In addition, an interactive timeline is available where users can learn about the history of art from 1545 to the present day, allowing users the option to explore the works from a specific period. Start your tour by clicking here.




Blair Castle & Gardens in Perthshire, Scotland

Home to 19 generations of the Atholl Family—influential politicians, businessmen, academics and soldiers—Blair Castle offers virtual tours of its grounds and some of its rooms. Each generation of the Atholl family has left its mark on the castle over the years and its gardens let visitors sample the spirit of Scotland’s history. Access the tour by clicking here.




Sissinghurst Castle in Weald of Kent, England

Located in Cranbrook, Kent, the beautiful Sissinghurst Castle used to be a prison in 1700 but is now part of the National Trust. The property’s gardens are among the most famous in the country, which you can “stroll” during the virtual tour, as well as visiting the libraries, patio and taking in panoramic views of the property’s 450 hectares. Take this tour clicking here.




Windsor Castle, England

Located in Windsor, Berkshire—40 km west of London—Windsor Castle is a grand 11th century estate set in five acres and serves as one of the official residences of the British royal family. This is where Queen Elizabeth II is spending her time during the lockdown, taking advantage of the plentiful grounds that surround the castle. It was also the place chosen by Prince Harry and Megan Markle to celebrate their wedding in 2018. Find out more by clicking here.



Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The castle dominates Edinburgh’s skyline. The historic fortress set atop Castel Rock is one of the most important castles in the country and welcomes about a million people a year. The Scottish crown jewels, which are among the oldest in Europe, are among the top attractions and include the crown, the sword, and the sceptre. Take this tour by clicking here.


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