New Galleries and Exhibitions in 2019


The UK has been the home of hundreds of famous artists over time and their treasured collections of work have spread to museums and galleries throughout the land

To give the public an opportunity to enjoy the award-winning works of these artists, which include some of history’s most important sculptors and impressionist painters, these collections are constantly organised and updated. Here we shortlist 2019’s must-see exhibitions.


The London that Van Gogh loved

From March 27 to August 11, Tate Britain will host the largest exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s work in the UK in almost a decade. Van Gogh’s first exhibition at the Tate since 1947, “Van Gogh and Britain” will bring together 40 of the most celebrated works by the Dutch master and

will examine the British culture, art and literature that inspired the painter whilst he was resident in London during his early twenties.


An artist at work

Another major attraction at Tate Britain, from September 11 to February 2, 2020, will be the most comprehensive collection of works by the poet and painter William Blake to be displayed in the last 15 years. Find out why the British virtuoso, living and working in times of war, revolution and oppression, has remained such a mainstay influence for artists, writers, and musicians alike over the last 250 years.


A medical journey of discovery

Explore one of the world’s most important medical collections at the Science Museum in London and discover how health and medicine have developed over the past 400 years. In 2019, the museum plans to double the space dedicated to the exhibition by incorporating the

collection of pharmaceutical entrepreneur Henry Wellcome — the museum’s Medicine Galleries will expand to cover 3,000m² and take over the entire first floor of the building.


Explore the world of cartoons

The Cartoon Museum will open its doors in British Spring time after relocating to Wells Street near Oxford Circus, in central London. In addition to new exhibition spaces, a learning centre and upgraded visitor facilities, the museum promises to bring the imagination that inspires cartoons to a physical realm.


Dive into the world of manga

The largest exhibition of manga outside of Japan will take place at the British Museum from May 23 to August 26 and will explain how this form of visual narrative art has become such a global multimedia phenomenon. The exposition, Manga, aims to entertain, inspire, challenge, and ultimately present this art form in a fresh light.


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