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Brazil is a diverse destination, both in terms of culture and tradition. To live and breathe it as you travel makes for an unforgettable experience. Ready for take off?

Have you ever thought of taking a different type of trip, one during which you and your family not only visit a new place and experience new scenery and local history, but one in which you can actual learn, in practice, a little about the local culture? The concept of Creative Tourism proposes that tourists have an educational, emotional and social interaction with the destination, its local culture and its residents.

This concept was created by the Creative Economy in 2000, whereby products and services relating to creativity and culture are offered with the aim of safeguarding traditions and stimulating economic development amongst creative artisans who have always lived within the margins of society, particularly in tourist destinations. This interaction with the local community allows the tourist to return home with a new understanding about the place he or she has visited, knowing above all that they made a difference to that community. The city of Porto Alegre is an example of a Creative Tourism project and is considered one of the pioneering projects in Brazil. A good example of the project is the Turismo de Galpão (Shed Tourism) which occurs during the Acampamento Farroupilha (a two week festival that celebrates Gaúcho culture).

During the Acampamento Farroupilha, tourists can experience everything the local culture has to offer for free, participating in workshops that take place on the banks of the River Guaíba. Who doesn’t like eating barbecue, right? That warm melt-in-the-mouth steak? Knowing how to make it is something quite different!

Porto Alegre, RS - 03/09/2015 Acampamento Farroupilha Foto: Betina Carcuchinski/PMPA

Foto: Betina Carcuchinski/PMPA

During the Acampamento Farroupilha workshop you learn how to prepare, and after, how to appreciate the meat that you, yourself cooked. We have no doubt that when you return to the UK you are going to want to try out your new barbecue skills on your friends.

This is just one example of creative tourism. But it is not just in the south of Brazil that you find this sort of project. Throughout Brazil there are many interesting and reasonably priced offers for travel, always with activities relating to the local culture and traditions.

Take a look at the site of the destination you wish to visit and talk to a travel consultant

Take a fresh look at Brazil: a look at the culture, traditions and experience. This is a country that you will take home with you and want to visit again. The country of samba, caipirinha and barbecue still has a lot for you to visit, learn and experience.

Tourism and Sustainability
Most people think that the term “sustainability” refers to things associated with “green areas”, preservation, ecotourism, ecology and the environment, but they forget the societal, cultural and economic aspects. When we talk about tourism, especially sustainable tourism, we must look beyond the environment and delve into the culture, traditions and the local customs of those who receive us.

How to get to Porto Alegre
There are no direct flights from London. But with British Airways, TAM Airlines or many other European airlines you can connect in São Paulo and the connecting flight to Porto Alegre lasts 1 hour 40 minutes. Another option is TAP Airlines, as there is a Lisbon has a direct flight to Porto Alegre, with a flight time of 11 hours and 40 minutes.

Creative Tourism Workshops
To have access to the Creative Tourism workshops in Porto Alegre visit: http://www.portoalegrecriativa.info/site/. Registration is managed directly with a representative via email or telephone. The site is offered in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Acampamento Farroupilha and Turismo de Galpão workshops
Considered to be the biggest event that celebrates the traditions and culture of Rio Grande do Sul. It all happens in September.

Created by Creative Tourism, the Turismo de Galpão is offered as part of the Acampamento Farroupilha, with more than 100 workshops. Here you will also find tourist information about the city offered in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Working hours are 9.00am – 9.00pm (local Brasília time).


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