Get a new tattoo with one of the talented Brazilian tattoo artists in London? Why not?


Today it is easier than ever to find Brazilian tattoo artists in London and Brazilian body piercing in London, seeing as such practices are commonplace all over the world.

When we decide to paint something on our bodies, we first need to find male and female tattoo ideas.

To help you choose the perfect tattoo, either for men or women, here is a list of a few options and their meanings.


– Flowers (men and women)

Flowers are a popular tattoo choice. Colourful and attractive, flowers can symbolize vitality, love and youth. Roses are the most popular, and despite what many think – that flowers are a more feminine choice – they can look great on men. Another famous flower is the lotus, which represents spiritual purity, and the lily, which can signify purity, love and innocence.

tatuagem flores mulhertatuagens flores | tattoo

– Stars (women and men)

Stars are always a great option. Delicate and subtle, they usually mean hope and victory. If you are looking for something more discreet, go for a black star, but colours can be a good look too. Another plus point is that stars look good anywhere, such as on the wrist, the fingers, arms, neck, feet, back – wherever you want really.

– Owls (men and women)

Animal tattoos are a fantastic choice, and owls are one of the most popular of them all. Well-known as being creatures of the night, they are an intriguing choice. Owls also symbolize wisdom, knowledge and change. They make for quite a striking look and can be customised as much as you like. The most common are black, but coloured owls can look great too.

coruja tatuagem

– Phrases/quotes (men and women)

Tattoos of phrases, quotes and thoughts never get old or go out of fashion. Lots of people prefer these types of tattoos because they are more personal. We can decide on a phrase that has had an impact on our life to make a truly individual choice. Quotes can come from favourite books, song lyrics or even bible verses. If you think that just the letters by themselves are a little bland, you can decorate the phrase with hearts, stars or perhaps musical notes.frases - quotes - tatuagem - tattoo

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