New website section offers tips for Brazilians travelling to the United Kingdom


The Consulate-General of Brazil in London has added a new section to its website, offering tips for Brazilians who intend to travel to the United Kingdom.

Called “Visiting the United Kingdom”, the new section offers information about rules for entry, health tips and special precautions, all in one place. Here are some of the recommendations:

Brazilians do not require a visa to enter the UK for tourism or business, as long as their trip is no longer than 3 months. Those who plan on staying longer, or are traveling for other reasons, need to get in touch with the UK authorities to find out about their specific visa requirements.

In case of medical emergencies, depending on the severity, the costs could be quite high, so it is highly recommended that traveller’s take out a travel insurance plan before leaving their country of origin.

In addition, the new web page suggests one or two special precautions. As a rule, British cities are fairly safe places, however, they are not without their problems. Therefore, the recommendations are: let someone know about your travel itinerary (routes, dates, hotels, travel times, etc.); don’t leave bags unattended, especially in busy places, and keep them closed; don’t carry large amounts of cash around with you; keep a copy of your important documents somewhere safe, separate from the originals; keep a note of your credit card details, in case you need to cancel them.


For more tips, go to the Consulate’s new page, accessible here.


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