New Year’s Day Fun Run brings excitement to the first day of 2017 in London


Feel like starting off 2017 at full steam ahead?

The annual Serpentine Fun Run is a chance to make the first day of the year one of its most exciting. On a day when it can be hard to find things to do, going for a brisk jog to shake off the chill is a great idea.

With prizes for the first three men and women who complete the circuit and medals for everyone who makes it to the end, the Fun Run – which will cover 10 kms – starts on Main Street and makes its way across some iconic tourist spots, such as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, ending up at the banks of the Thames, not far from Winter Wonderland.

For amateurs, or those not accustomed to running ten kilometres in one go, there’s no need to worry: a lighter version will take place 1 hour after the main event begins, covering no more than three kms.

For full details, go to the Fun Run’s website:

What: Serpentine New Year’s Day Fun Run

When: 1 January, 11am

Where: Main Street, Hyde Park – London W2 4RU


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