Online Courses and Virtual Conferences


Given that most of us have had to stay at home during the pandemic, many institutions have invested in online courses and virtual conferences  

It is no secret that the pandemic forced many of us to stay at home, either to work or study. Several renowned institutions in many countries have begun offering free online courses, many that are fully certified on completion. This, ultimately, is a way of guaranteeing the continued education and development of many professionals. 

One of the most notorious initiatives is HarvardX, a project from the renowned university that seeks to democratise knowledge. There are courses in several areas, such as computer science, mathematics, statistics, history, medicine, arts, pedagogy, business administration, linguistics and many others. Most of the courses offered are delivered in English, but it is possible to find some in Spanish as well. 

Google is another platform offering free courses, mostly related to marketing, SEO and business management. To find out if there are courses available in foreign languages, just change the language used to access the platform. Not every course issues a certificate of completion, so if that is important to you look out for the blue label which is a guarantee that it does. 

One site that has gained huge popularity recently is Udemy. Some courses do have a fee, but the price is generally reasonable, and options range from business administration, finance, design, photography and art history. In addition, you can apply to be an instructor in any subject, following a rigorous selection process. 

Finally, edX is a drive to bring several online courses from many universities around the world together in one place. On the website, you can find language courses like Mandarin, French and Italian for all levels, business, exact sciences, biological and human sciences, and much more. Most courses are free of charge, but if you want a certificate, you will need to pay. 


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