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Exclusive online travel training platform for British travel agents and tour operators

Specialised online courses for European, South American and Brazilian tourist destinations to qualify travel agents.

Bossa Online Training (BOT), part of the Bossa Group, is an online travel training platform offering free courses with promotional incentives for travel agents to specialise on tourist destinations and travel products around the world.

BOT training courses aim to provide travel agents and tour operators with valuable information to qualify them as specialists. The courses also offer the opportunity for participants to learn more about selected tourist destinations and travel products, enabling agents to offer them to their clients with more confidence and knowledge.

All courses are free of charge and with no completion deadlines. The courses conclude with a short test, after which successful agents will receive a downloadable certificate of completion as a “Specialist”. In addition, some courses have prize incentives available.

The selection of online training courses available:

  • European Destinations: Italy
  • Brazilian Destinations: Brazil by VBRATA, Minas Gerais State, Maranhão State, Pernambuco State and Brazil’s Northeast region
  • South American Destinations: Introduction to South America
  • More destinations, airlines, tour operators and hotels are coming soon

The courses are customised to meet suppliers’ demand (tourist destinations, travel products, airlines, hotel groups, amongst others). Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions for organising face-to-face events and meetings, travel agents have more time to take online courses and prefer to manage their schedules to learn about destinations and travel products.

According to several specialised travel media, online training has grown by more than 80% during the pandemic period, making BOT courses ideal for promoting destinations and travel services.

One of BOT’s greatest differentials is that in addition to offering the creation of training courses, there are also options for exclusive and dedicated marketing and incentive packages to encourage travel agents to take the courses and, therefore, increase the visibility of travel destinations and products in both the UK and overseas markets.

BOT courses are now available in the UK, Europe, Brazil and many other South American countries (available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian).

The Brazilian and South American courses are offered in partnership with VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association and VSATA Visit South America Travel Association, also known as United South America Travel Association. Both associations are London-based and specialise in the promotion of Brazil and South America in Europe and internationally. Other courses are also in partnership with national and international tourist boards, including ENIT, the Italian Tourist Board in London, and many local and regional tourist offices.

For travel agents interested in learning more about the selection of tourist destinations, visit

If you represent a travel destination or a service provider to the travel industry and want to find out how your destination can be incorporated into BOT’s portfolio of courses, click here.


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