Oscar Emboaba makes history in English Football


Loved by the Chelsea fans, Oscar has already won a number of titles since his arrival in the nation’s capital in 2012, including the club’s “goal of the season” in 2015. In an exclusive interview, the footballer tells us about his future career plans and becoming a father for the second time

Erika: It has already been four years playing for Chelsea FC. How would you sum up the experience so far?

Oscar: I have been fortunate enough to build an incredible career so far and being at one of the biggest clubs in the world for the last four years has been very rewarding. I hope to stay longer.

Erika: In an FA Cup match against Milton Keynes Dons FC you scored a hat trick in the first half that put Chelsea through to the last eight in the competition. How did it feel to score your first hat trick in European football?

Oscar: I was thrilled to have scored these three goals in the first half! When I got to the changing room my only thought was to score more. We ended up with an emphatic victory.

Erika: You often come up against some good friends on the pitch, like goalkeeper Gomes, Lucas Piazon and Sandro Ranieri. I know that the Brazilian players here have a very strong bond, like a family. What is it like playing against them?

Oscar: I always like playing with friends because we always have a good laugh after the game. Playing with or against friends always means we can have a quick chat after the final whistle. Especially with Sandro, who is the guy I’ve played against the most – and Lucas. They are the players who mark me out there on the pitch. So it is really great that we can talk after the game and that our friendship continues.

Erika: What are your plans for the future, do you intend to carry on at Chelsea FC?

Oscar: I want to continue playing at Chelsea, in the best competitions in Europe. I am still young and hope to carry on playing here.

Erika: Speaking about your personal life, we know that you and your wife, Ludmila, have a lovely story and already have a daughter. Do you plan to add to the team, so to speak?

Oscar: We are not just planning, our second child is already on its way! It is a boy, so we are going to have one of each now. The due date is fast approaching. We are enjoying the moment and are very happy.

Erika: Will you get a tattoo done in his honour too??

Oscar: For sure! I got a tattoo when Júlia was born and I will do the same for him!

Erika: Oscar, many thanks for the interview and for welcoming us into your home!

Oscar: Thanks, and until next time!

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The interview took place whilst his wife was still pregnant. Shortly after, on 11 April 2016, Oscar became a father to baby Caio.

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