Our top SHOPS for brazilians in London


Any trip to London should always make time for a spot of shopping

Whether you’re visiting London or call the city home, check out the top picks among Brazilians when it comes to finding everyday shopping—with a touch of British style of course—at bargain prices.

Primark — Primark is a must for tourists in London, whether they’re visiting for their first or their tenth. From socks to jackets, bikinis to jeans, avant-garde pieces to the most basic of wardrobe items, Primark has it all. Guaranteed low prices is the store’s calling card. It’s particularly good for Brazilians travelling to London during the British winter, but who don’t want to invest money in a heavy coat that they’re unlikely to use once back in Brazil. There are two stores on Oxford Street: the more established one at Marble Arch station and the more recent across the street from Tottenham Court Road station. Both also stock children’s clothes and home goods.

Harrods — More than your average department store, Harrods has long been a draw for visitors to Knightsbridge, one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Whether it’s the sheer immensity of the store, the captivating illumination of the shopfront at night, the elegant window awnings, or simply Harrods’ vast range of brands and products, the store is always full. The food halls, replete with culinary delicacies and quaint
gift wrapping, are hard to resist.

Lillywhites — A shop located in the prime real estate of Piccadilly Circus is unlikely to have friendly prices, right?
Wrong. Lillywhites is one of the most impressive sportswear stores in London and sells equipment too. Don’t be put off by the crowds on the ground floor; head for the large staircase leading to different departments on each of the five floors.
As you climb, you’ll find more and more sports to browse, including football, tennis, running, outdoor sports, golf, and more. Lillywhites is also a great place to buy shoes, be them sport specific or trainers for everyday use.

TK Maxx — TK Maxx is a multiband fashion outlet store (if you’ve been to the US you might think the name sounds familiar; over the pond it’s known as T“J” Maxx). For those who enjoy hunting for a bargain among the many clothes racks, there’s a plethora of famous brands and designers to choose from: jackets, bags and shirts from past collections, all for a price that sometimes seems too good to be true. TK Maxx also has its own labels, and everything is displayed together: there is no division by brand. It also carries home goods, in particular
bedding, tableware and bathroom accessories. There are shops all over London, including in Covent Garden and Charing Cross.

Hamleys — It’s not hard to find Hamleys on Regent Street: just look for a large gathering of people in a shop doorway! There’s always something going on right outside the entrance, usually one of the friendly staff demonstrating the latest toys or playing jokes on passers-by. Hamleys is the oldest toy store in the world and you can find just about anything imaginable on its seven floors: educational toys, stuffed animals, electronics, dolls, board games, building blocks, and so much more. It’s a true toy mecca, which is also a lot of fun for adults.


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