Pets: The Expanding Pet Friendly Universe


Pet owners are used to a heavy heart when they see their pet’s look of realisation that you are going out and that they will be staying behind.

 Having an animal for companionship is a wonderful thing and those who have a loyal companion always try to keep them close.

And many places are becoming, thankfully, ‘pet friendly’. The expression came to be as certain hotels and B&Bs needed to advertise that they accepted and offered amenities for domesticated animals. Over time, the concept has spread to other areas and hence the concept has evolved.

Some examples of this are the restaurants that offer special menus and outdoor areas for pets. Even the traditional and elegant cruise ship, The Queen Mary 2, has expanded its space reserved for dogs and cats. There are now exclusive pet cabins, a dedicated play area and decks reserved for daily walks.

More news from the ‘pet friendly’ world? An exhibition that was specifically designed for dogs recently took place in London, near Tower Bridge: the pictures comprised of colours identifiable by dogs and were positioned close to the ground, at the right height that they could appreciate them. There were other interactive attraction, such as a ball park – in the shape of a dog bowl – with giant balls and small water jets for them to enjoy, and even a fan in front of a car window, recreating that sensation of wind in the face whilst out for a drive, that feeling they love so much. The exhibition was named “Play More” and was the brainchild of artist Dominic Wilcox. Amazing, isn’t it? Here’s hoping that the idea spreads.

There is no reason to leave your four-legged friend at home. With just a quick search on the internet you will find several options for you both to venture out together! So grab the leash and have fun, because the world is improving all the time for dogs (and cats!).


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