Photography exhibition Beyond the Image


Beyond The Image is to showcase a project by Brazilian photographers Juliane Fuganti and Marcelo Conrado. The two artists have quite distinct creative processes, which nevertheless produce inspirational results.


Juliane starts with Brazilian landscapes, then adds features, using prints, etchings and plenty of her own creativity, along with watercolours, resulting in utterly unique yet irreverent works.


Marcelo, meanwhile, starts with pictures he acquires from image libraries, making sure not to infringe any copyrights. Once he has chosen his photo, he superimposes anonymous phrases or proverbs taken from street graffiti, or powerful phrases he has seen on Instagram.


Photography is what connects the two artists, but the ways they go about their work are totally different. However, the singularity we see in Fuganti’s work, and the ‘copy & paste’ culture (which we all take part in) demonstrated by Conrad, encourage us to look at art from an alternative viewpoint.


Where: Embassy of Brazil in London –  Gallery 32

When: 7-28 July

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