Post-Graduate Diplomas in the United Kingdom


If your dream is to study for a post-graduate diploma or an MBA abroad in the United Kingdom, then this could be your chance.

Registrations for the Clevening study programme are open until 8 November, with approximately 70 places available for Brazilian students. Opportunities abound in all areas for those with the following pre-requisites; at least two years of high quality professional experience (this can include volunteer work or internships); at least ten years since completing undergraduate diploma (mid-career); an understanding of how the candidate’s chosen course will be of benefit to their home country; and an intention to return to Brazil once the course has finished to put into practice what has been learnt.

Registration is the first step of the selection process, with the second step being an interview at the British Consulate. The study programme covers airline tickets, fees of up to £13,000 plus administrative costs, as well as a monthly allowance for students’ personal requirements.

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