Pride LGBTQIA+ Parade Day


The world’s largest LGBT+ parade is Brazilian

Get ready for the world’s biggest Pride LGBTQ+ Parade happening on the 2nd of June 2024 in São Paulo! The community gathers for the 28th edition of the event, which holds significant importance, marked by celebration, awareness, and advocacy for civil rights. This occasion is more than just a festive expression, representing a symbol of resistance and a vehicle for the promotion of equality and inclusion.

Amidst streets filled with vibrant colours, music, and expressions of love, individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds come together in solidarity.

In addition to celebrating the achievements made in the LGBTQIA+ rights journey, the event also highlights the ongoing battles against discrimination and prejudice. It’s a reminder of the progress made and the goals to be achieved on the journey towards full equality.

This year, the parade will feature performances by LGBTQIA+ community artists such as Pablo Vittar, Banda Uó, Gloria Groove, and many others, promising to energise the crowd on the floats. Additionally, it will include panel discussions, lectures, and various parallel events. Learn more on the website.

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