Psychologists and therapists in London


There are numerous psychologists and therapists in London, as there are all over the world.

It’s important to know what you are dealing with when you are looking for this kind of service, and a professional in this area needs to give off a sense of confidence in what they do.

As a brief introduction to the area, here is a list of a few common kinds of therapies, for you to better understand what your own issue may be.

– Focal therapy

This kind of therapy focuses on just one of the patient’s problems. The psychologist and the patient agree to work on this single conflict. This is a good option for people dealing with post-traumatic stress or anxiety.

– Support therapy

This therapy helps a patient who is going through a moment of crisis and is unable to face it alone, so looks for support and a way of alleviating the symptoms.

– Cognitive-Behavioural therapy

With a set of techniques and strategies, this therapy is a way of treating a variety of disorders. It all has to do with the way the patient interprets different situations. With this technique, the therapy does not work directly on the specific problem, but instead on emotions, behaviour and thoughts, with the aim of changing how that person faces their problems.

– Psychoanalysis

Developed by Freud, it is the most well-known form of therapy. The therapist helps the patient with all their problems and disorders. The objective is to get to the root cause, where it all began, usually in childhood, working directly with human instinct, right up to the patient’s present day life. The ultimate aim is to solve the patient’s inner conflicts.

Of course, all the information contained in this article is only a general guide. A medical professional is the only person qualified to diagnose and treat disorders.

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