Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebrations


See the Queen and members of the Royal family up close

The Trooping The Colour parade, also known as the ‘Queen’s Birthday Parade’, takes place in open carriages along The Mall, and onlookers are able to see Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family as they make their way to Horse Guards Parade, at St. James’ Park.

For the unaware, the Trooping The Colour is a military ceremony which dates back to the 17th century. On the battlefield, a regiment’s colours or coat of arms were used as a reference point. Nowadays, the Colour is used to celebrate the ‘official’ birthday of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is on 21 April but, traditionally, the celebration takes place on the first or second Saturday of June, when the temperature is usually more pleasant. This year, the Trooping The Colour will take place on 17 June.

The parade begins at Buckingham Palace and, in an open-top carriage, the Queen makes her way along The Mall with her soldiers, inspects the troops and arrives at Horse Guards Parade, whereupon the official ceremony begins. At the end, the Queen returns to the Palace, escorted by her troops, and then observes another parade outside the gates of Buckingham, before proceedings end with a 41-shot salute by the King’s Troop at Green Park.

Afterwards, from the Palace balcony, along with other members of the Royal family, Her Majesty watches a flyover by the Royal Air Force.

For those who don’t like to miss a single detail, the BBC provides a live transmission of the event.


When: 17 June


You can discover more about the event, clicking here.


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