Red December: a month dedicated to the fight against AIDS


World AIDS Day is commemorated every year on 1 December, which is why the month is now known as Red December.

Established by the World Health Assembly in October 1987 with the support of the UN, the date is a way of showing solidarity, tolerance, compassion and understanding for people infected with the HIV virus, which causes AIDS.

In Brazil, a country which has seen more victims of the illness than many others, the Health Ministry officially recognised the date in 1988.

The campaign’s most recognisable symbol is the red ribbon, created in 1991 and seen as a symbol of solidarity and commitment to the fight against the sickness. Its colour was chosen as a reminder of the colour of blood, as well as the idea of passion.

An important initiative for raising awareness, the ribbon helps to eradicate prejudice and show the value of life.


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