Rio 2016 – Belo Horizonte charms Team GB


The Olympics haven’t even started yet, but the city of Belo Horizonte has already won a gold medal from Team GB, who touched down on Saturday, 23 July, as part of their pre-Games acclimatisation process.

Competitors from the sports of Rugby, Fencing, Swimming, Judo, Boxing, Weight lifting, Athletics, Shooting, Archery and Table Tennis are already well settled in to their new temporary homes.

The fantastic training facilities that the Brits have been making use of (which they have nothing but compliments for) and the relatively short distance to Rio – where most events will take place – are extra plusses on top of the famous Brazilian hospitality and openness.

Add to all this a warm mineira reception (Belo Horizonte is in the State of Minas Gerais) and we are certain that, in addition to a few Olympic medals, the British team will be taking home some cherished memories of a special time in Brazil.


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