Rio 2016 – The Brit’s most beloved sport is gaining popularity among Brazilians


Football better be careful, because the one sport that has really got people talking so far during the Rio 2016 Games is Rugby Sevens.

Rugby is a mainstream sport in Europe, especially in Great Britain, and has already been the topic of one of our articles here on the website (click here to read ). Now, once more, the sport is getting its fair share of attention here in Brazil.

Plenty of Brits, and even Americans, were watching the competition as it progressed to its final on 11 August. Getting well into the party atmosphere, they provided an excellent atmosphere for the athletes to compete in.

Quite a few noticed how the Brazilians in particular really got into the sport and keenly followed the goings-on on the pitch. Of course, compared to football, Rugby is virtually unheard of in Brazil, but it has been slowly but surely gaining in popularity for some time now. Thanks now to its return to the Games, after a 92-year absence, it is sure to continue going from strength to strength all over the country.



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