Rio 2016 – Commemorative coins


The Rio 2016 souvenir coins have been minted and are now in circulation, and are hoped to help people get into the Olympic spirit.

The tradition of having coins to coincide with the Games started in 1951, but in fact the first ever Olympic coin dates right back to 480 BC. For London 2012, in addition to the souvenir coins, a number of other types of commemorative memorabilia were sold.

For the Rio 2016 Souvenir coins, Brazil’s Central Bank has released three versions – a Gold, Silver and standard series, the last of which is to be used as common currency, and is already in wide circulation.

Gold Coins: with images of Rio’s most famous landmark, Christ the Redeemer, and the Olympic Torch.

Silver Coins: featuring images of native Brazilian flora, as well as some of Rio’s stunning landscapes.

Coins to be put into circulation: these feature images of the Olympic sports and some mascots.

The Gold and Silver coins can be purchased on the Banco do Brasil website and in some branches throughout the country. The coins in circulation are already making their way around the country, so keep your eyes open and maybe you’ll get your hands on one!

Websites for purchasing the coins:

To find out where to purchase the coins in person, visit:

To see images of all the souvenir coins, access:


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