Rio 2016 – Ever heard of Sitting Volleyball?


First seen in Holland in 1956, Sitting Volleyball came about thanks to a combination of sitzball (a German sport which involved people sitting down, but no net) and athletics. Today it is played in over 50 countries.

The game is played out as a best of five sets. The rules are very similar to conventional Volleyball, except for the fact that athletes must remain seated at all times, especially when they are in possession of the ball. The net which divides the court is 1.15 metres high in the men’s version and 1.05m for women.

The first four sets go to 25 points, and the fifth set is first to 15, as long as there is a two-point difference. Each team has six players.

One of the Paralympic Games’ most exciting sports: the smashes and energy are quite something, don’t miss it!

Competitions will take place at the Riocentro – Pavillion 6, Barra da Tijuca, and start on 7 September.

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