Rio 2016 – Find out more about the Olympic mascots


There are two inspirational mascots. Here’s their story!

Vinícius is the official Olympic mascot. He is named after the great Brazilian poet Vinícius de Moraes. A mixture of a number of different native Brazilian animals, Vinny even has a birthday: 2 October 2009, the day when Rio was chosen to host the 2016 Games. Colourful and fun, this little mascot’s mission is to fill people with joy and celebrate union between the peoples of the world.

Tom, the Paralympics mascot, is based on Brazilian flora. His name is a tribute to the great composer and showman Tom Jobim. Tom’s message is one of determination and creativity, inspiring us never to give up on our dreams and to always look on the bright side.

The two characters, for the Olympics and Paralympics, are able to send out a postcard to the world focussing on Brazil’s greatest treasure: nature. There is a special section on the official Rio 2016 website, for children, dedicated to the mascots. There are videos to watch and interact with, as well as audio features and downloadable content, such as wallpapers, paper toys, masks and much more. Everything is available in both English and Portuguese.

Official website of the mascots:!home


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