Rio 2016 – Where are the flowers the medal winners used to get?


In case you were wondering why the medallists have not been receiving bouquets of flowers on the podium – here is the explanation.

The Rio 2016 Olympics are beating the drum for sustainability. To help people get engaged with the theme, the usual flowers have been replaced by an unprecedented 3D statuette of the symbol of the Games.

Ostensibly, the object can be used as a stand for the athlete’s medals, but it also represents contagious energy, harmonious diversity and the vibrancy of nature, according to the website Tátil. The statue also features the three colours we all associate with Brazil, and its form hints at some of Rio’s most iconic landscapes, such as Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado and the Morro da Gávea.

The flower bouquets had become a little clichéd, and didn’t really adhere to the sustainability theme. The statuette, on the other hand, is a souvenir to be kept for life.

Anyway, at least now the flowers are where they should be – in the garden!


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