Rio 2016 – Great expectations for the Rio 2016 closing ceremony


As the competitions draw to a close, expectations grow for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games closing ceremony, which will take place at the Maracanã Stadium, this Sunday, 21 August.

Sixteen days after the Olympic Pyre was lit by Vanderlei de Lima, the Games are almost over, and have once more been an action packed extravaganza of sporting success and records, and a joyful coming together of the nations of the world, all to the backdrop of Rio’s natural, high, sunny spirits.

There are still a few medals to be awarded, but it is already quite clear that Team GB will return home having had one of their best ever performances at an Olympic Games. The hosts, Team Brazil, have also had a successful Games, with a number of good results, especially in this last week.

All in all, and in part due to the flawless execution of the opening ceremony, the world is poised in eager expectation for the closing ceremony, which has as its Creative Director Rosa Magalhães, the great carnival designer, so we can all expect much more of Rio’s famous colour and rhythm.

The closing ceremony will feature a special moment for Tokyo, the 2020 Games host city, to show us what they have in store. Without a doubt, the closing ceremony is all set to live up to the quality and excitement set by the 2016 Games as a whole, which will love long in the memory!

What: Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony

When: Sunday, 21 August, 8pm (Brazil) / Midnight (UK)


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