Rio 2016 – Olympic Records


We always pay special attention to the Olympic Records

An Olympic Record is, quite simply, the best result that has ever been achieved in any given event, in the history of the Olympic Games. Competitors are always trying to improve on what has gone before, and the hunt for a record often becomes the biggest target.

For anyone watching the Games, the expectation can sometimes be too much, and when we finally see a record getting broken, the celebration can be intense!

The sports in which we can hope to see records being broken during the Rio 2016 Games are: Archery, Athletics, Weight Lifting, Cycling, Swimming, Modern Pentathlon and Shooting.

To boost the feeling of national pride of the Brazilians and the Brits, athletes from our countries are current Olympic Record holders: the Brazilian Swimmer Cesar Cielo holds the record for the 50m freestyle, at 21.3 seconds, which he set at the 2008 Beijing Games, whilst the British Cyclist Chris Hoy holds a record, also set at the Beijing Olympics.

Keep an eye on the goings on at this year’s Games and make sure you’re watching when the records get broken! If it happens to be a Brazilian or a Brit, then all the better for it!



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