Rio 2016 – Paralympics: Rio is getting ready for the opening ceremony


The sporting party atmosphere is set to continue.

Rio de Janeiro will keep hold of the world’s attention, from 7 to 18 September, as the Paralympic Games – the world’s biggest sporting event for disabled athletes – gets under way.

The video on the Comitê Rio 2016 website, “O coração não tem limites” (The heart has no limits), gives us a sense of what to expect from the opening ceremony, with its combination of high energy and the noble message of the Games: “Differences do not separate us”.

The main idea is to play with people’s senses, using optical illusions, to redefine our concepts of deficiency and efficiency. The message is: everyone has a heart – and the heart has no limits!

A huge piece of art designed by the Brazilian plastic artist Vik Muniz will be assembled during the athlete’s parade. Vik, along with the writer Marcelo Rubens Paiva and the designer Fred Gelli, is one of the directors of the ceremony.

There will also be a special samba performance bringing together singers and composers such as Monarco, Pretinho da Serrinha, Teresa Cristina, Diogo Nogueira, Maria Rita, Hamilton de Holanda and Xande de Pilares, amongst others.

For the Paralympics closing ceremony, the Rio 2016 Committee Director of Ceremonies is so far keeping us all in the dark. Most likely there will be some big name surprises.

The Paralympic Games opening ceremony will take place on 7 September, starting at 17:30 and finishing at 20:35 (Brazil time), or 21:30-00:35 (UK time). The closing ceremony is set for 18 September, 19:30-22:00 (Brazil) or 23:30-02:00 (London).



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