Rio 2016: Learn more about the Paralympics Road Cycling


With its astounding feats of endurance, Paralympic Road Cycling has been a part of the Paralympics since New York 1984.

Adaptations usually have to be made to the bikes. There are three categories:

– Hand bike: used by paraplegic or amputee athletes, who have to power the bike with their arms

– Tricycle: a more stable ride for athletes with cerebral palsy.

– Tandem: used by vision-impaired athletes, they have two seats – the front one is for the guide-cyclist, who acts as a pair of eyes for the athlete behind him.

Conventional bikes can be adapted according to the needs of the athlete.

Races tend to be hotly contested. Everyone sets off at the same time and the winner is the first to cross the finish line.

The sport will get going on 14 September at Rio 2016, from Pontal, which will be the start and finish line for all of the events. Pontal is in Recreio.


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