Roberto Carlos: Love from Brazil


London is on the verge of becoming a “Brazilian Kingdom” with Roberto Carlos set to play Wembley Arena

“The King”, as he is known in Brazil, started his career 60 years ago. Roberto Carlos is critically acclaimed and considered to be one of the most talented singer-songwriters that Latin America has ever produced.  Roberto announced his European tour in Rio de Janeiro last December, news that was well-received internationally. Ever since, fans have scrambled to secure tickets for his show – Amor Sín Limite – which promises to be a performance replete with new material (both in Portuguese and Spanish), some of which was recorded with Alejandro Sanz and Jennifer Lopez.

He sings perfectly composed melodies with an extra hint of romance. There’s no one quite like him, according to most Brazilians. This Brazilian superstar will head to London on 29th May. He is musical royalty in Latin American and takes his place alongside iconic artists.

It’s especially fascinating to see how Roberto Carlos is able to engage fans across generations. In Brazil, people from 5 to 80 (even older) sing along to his songs. His art is simple, but deeply magnetic.

Roberto Carlos has said how proud and excited he is to tour Europe, especially to play London. Recently, in a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, he said of his upcoming show in the UK: “I hope it’s a full house, and that people of all backgrounds—Brazilians, Hispanics, and the English people—are as excited as I am”.

The European tour is timely as he reignites his international focus.  Roberto Carlos recorded the album Amor Sín Limite in 2018 and alluded to his plans to record another one in Italian. “I have started to speak Italian again, so I plan to produce one in Italian and one in Spanish, next year.”

For decades now, every year countless Brazilians find themselves glued on their TV screens to watch Roberto Carlos’ “End of the Year” show. It’s quite a spectacle, during which the singer seems to create recipes for romance. Of course, there are numerous of videos online that you can watch to see Roberto Carlos perform, but a live performance at SSE Arena is something infinitely special, an experience that thousands can’t wait to enjoy. So, be sure to secure your ticket by visiting


Where: SSE Arena, Wembley, Arena Square, Engineers Way, London HA9 0AA
When: 29 May


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