Romantic ways to celebrate Brazilian Valentine’s Day in London


Here are some great places to visit on Brazilian Valentine’s Day in London

All over the world, including in London, 14 February is a day for love and friendship, known as Valentine’s Day. In Brazil, there is a day dedicated specifically to lovers, 12 June, and even if you are in London, it’s a great chance to do something romantic with your other half. Here is a list we made of places to visit and enjoy on this special date.

– Taking in the view from the London Eye is pretty special. With Champagne, it’s even better! London’s famous big wheel offers, from mid-day onwards, a ‘Champagne Experience’, with tickets available at the entrance. The price includes a glass of champagne.

– London is well-known for its many parks, great for a relaxing picnic. One of the most romantic, and well worth a visit, is Regent’s Park, which offers sublime views and a peaceful environment. The perfect location for unforgettable moments.

– The River Thames is also a great spot for stunning views and special, romantic moments, as you sail along the margins of the Thames and take in the city. You could also go for a night cruise along the River; although a tourist option, it’s still a fun way of spending a romantic evening.

– Another idea is to go the West End and see the musical Phantom of the Opera, a true love story, or go to the Electric cinema, in Notting Hill, with its comfortable armchairs and blankets, where you and your partner can enjoy a special selection of films.


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