Ronaldinho presents music to inspire the athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympics


The song “Eu sou do mundo, um vencedor” (I belong to the world, a winner), was written by the Brazilian footballer and musicians Jhama and Pablo Luiz


The Paralympic Ambassador Ronaldinho, together with his friends, the Brazilian musicians Jhama and Pablo Luiz, has presented the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) with a song to inspire the Brazilian athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Available for download at the CPB’s site, and soon to be released to the wider world, the song was written to praise the grit, determination, courage and perseverance of the Paralympians, according to Ronaldinho. “We wrote this song thinking about the athletes, to give them strength and drive. They are more than winners, they’re super-athletes. I’ll be cheering along”, said the football legend.

Ronaldinho’s idea is to help promote the Brazilian Paralympians and the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Team Brazil have set their sights on an unprecedented fifth place in the overall medals table, and they are counting on the support of the Brazilian public to get there, with almost 1 million tickets having so far been sold for the Games.

“When Ronaldinho approached us with the song, we saw straight away that it was just what we were looking for, and was totally in line with the Paralympian’s winning spirit. We hope the supporters also enjoy the song and adopt it as their hymn for the Games”, said CPB President Andrew Parsons.


Source: Brazilian Paralympic Committee



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