Samba in London? Yes!


Lots of people visit Brazil and fall hopelessly in love with Carnival, Samba and the whole wonderful frivolity of it all. The downside is that when they return to their countries, tourists to Brazil can’t help but miss the contagious rhythms of their holidays.

What few Londoners realise is that they can get their fix of carnival fever in their own city. There are two Schools of Samba in London which teach not only the dance moves you’ll need but even how to make your own custom outfits.

The London School of Samba, founded in 1984, offers workshops in dance, percussion, costume making, carnival parading, history of the Carnival and the traditional Brazilian art, among many others, to develop your artistic side

The School also participates in the Notting Hill Carnival and other events during the whole year. Its website contains all necessary information regarding classes and difficulty levels. To find out all you need to know access

In another corner of the city, there is the Paraiso School of Samba, founded and organized by artists who grew up in Rio’s samba community and who are able to pass on their first-hand knowledge and experience of the lifestyle. The school has classes in samba, music, dance, costume making and percussion, as well as promoting charity events and performances and educative projects. Being run by contemporary Brazilian artists, the school is always up to date with the latest trends from the Rio carnival. To find out more about classes and the school, access the website


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