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Choosing a school for your children is never an easy job, even less so when you live in a foreign country. See some tips from international schools in London

With qualified teachers and bilingual education programs there are several options in London that offer comprehensive education in environments that encourage international integration, hence providing the best possible cultural education for students of the future.

The specialised English language tuition of these schools is accompanied by a solid curriculum of science, mathematics, social studies, physical education, arts and technology, all which involve students in various competitions and events designed to enhance learning.

With diversified pedagogical approaches that employ the most contemporary teaching practices as a means of maximising student interaction, these schools focus on the fundamental development of natural talents across a range of areas.

There are complete programmes on offer: they start from kindergarten – from the age of 3 – then primary education from 5 to 10, elementary school from 11 to 16 and sixth form from 16 to 18. By the time they leave school, between 16 to 18 years old, students are already well-equipped for adulthood and often able to secure a spot at a top UK university, from where they can launch a successful career.

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