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Instituto Marangoni opens ‘Fashion Bridalwear’ specialism classes in Milan, Paris and London and offers courses in Portuguese.

The consultant Luiza Bomeny, for 14 years the official representative of the Marangoni Institute in Brazil, has announced the opening of the inscription process for Fashion Bridalwear, a course which, among other elements, will look at the history and the evolution of wedding dresses across multiple cultures and perspectives, as well as the evolution of certain tendencies and preferences for certain materials.

During the three-week course, students will realize a study about how different cultures and social values are behind the main fashion trends, and how they impact the market.

The project will also give guidance as to how participants can help their clients to ‘wear a dream’, creating a physical version of the bride’s particular vision by making use of research into trends, materials and cuts, to achieve a contemporary silhouette. By the end of the course, students will be equipped to design an up-to-date wedding dress collection.

Instituto Marangoni – London

15 August to 2 September

Classes in English

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Who is Luiza Bomeny?

A Designer with a post graduate degree in Product Management from the Instituto Marangoni, in Milan, she started her career as a trainee at the Versace group, and today is one of Brazil’s biggest marketing and style consultants. Together with each brand’s creation, marketing and visual programming team, Luiza helps with market positioning and branding work. Bomeny’s years of experience with top brands give her a unique perspective on the fashion market and its trends. This market experience, along with her deep knowledge of design, contributed to her being chosen to represent two international schools in Brazil: the Instituto Marangoni and the Domus Academy.

Currently, her consultancy gives guidance to professionals and students regarding career opportunities in the fields of fashion and design, carefully evaluating the profile of each individual.


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