Survey shows Olympic tourists intend to return to Brazil


According to a survey conducted by Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism, 87.7% of foreign visitors to the country during the Olympics would like to come back, with 84.2% saying they would like to revisit Rio.


The tourists, interviewed between 6 and 16 August in Brazilian airports, spoke highly of Brazilian hospitality, nightlife and leisure attractions.

The survey was conducted on both foreign and Brazilian tourists and revealed details such as the individual’s profile, the average spend, the total amount of time spent in each location, and satisfaction levels regarding all important features such as security, public transport, infrastructure and prices.

For 98.7% of the Brazilians who responded to the survey, their trip to Rio met or exceeded their expectations. For the foreigners, this percentage was 83.3% The receptiveness of the city’s locals was given a high rating by 92% of Brazilians and an impressive 96.2% of foreigners. Rio’s nightlife received special praise from 93.6% of Brazilians and 96.2% of foreigners.

Airport infrastructure was positively viewed by 94.6% of foreign tourists and 91.6% of Brazilians. Security also had a good score among 88.4% of foreigners and 87.1% of Brazilians. Public transport was also a plus, with 86.6% of foreigners and 82.1% of Brazilians giving high marks.

Competition locations were considered ‘good’ or ‘very good’ by 89.6% of Brazilians and 87.1% of foreigners. Accessibility to the Olympic Park was approved by 79% of Brazilians and 80.2% of foreigners. The only sour note was the question of pricing at some of the competition locations, which was given a negative score by 50.8% of Brazilians and 42.4% of foreigners.

Most of the tourists at the Games had come from the US (21.2%), followed by Argentina (14.8%) and the UK (4.8%). Another revelation was that, among the Brazilians spoken to, 96.3% were experiencing the Games at first hand for the first time.

One more beneficiary of the survey was the internet itself! Around 70% of Brazilians and 63.4% of the foreigners said that they had planned their trip online.

The study, carried out by Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism, will be conducted again during the Paralympics, with the final report due to be presented at the end of the year.


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