Survey points to English song as the happiest of recent decades


Almost 40 years after its release, the song “Don’t Stop Me Now”, by the English band Queen, is still able to improve the mood of even the grumpiest of individuals.

According to a survey conducted by Dr. Jacob Jolij, a cognitive neuroscientist from the University of Groningen, in Holland, the song is nothing less than the happiest of the last 50 years.

As part of his project, the scientist discovered the principal characteristics which make a song happy. He found out that positive lyrics are important, and certain beats help people feel more energetic and happy.

Although its musicians weren’t included in the study, Brazil is well-known for the joy contained in its musical traditions. Brazilian culture’s best known songs, such as “Mas Que Nada”, by Jorge Ben; “Asa Branca”, by Luiz Gonzaga and “Alegria, Alegria”, by Caetano Veloso, often feature on playlists of happy songs.

Have a look at the survey’s complete list of happiest ever songs by clicking this link.


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