Symposium at King’s College


The event’s principal focus is to provide a forum for discussion between people with shared interests in the UK and Brazil, so that they might be able to share knowledge and research during the Symposium at King’s College.

It will be discussed issues of society, culture and identity in London and Rio with a particular emphasis on the post-colonial cultures of each city.  It will compare the British and Brazilian contexts, exploring themes such as music, literature, sport, fashion, youth cultures and food.

It is anticipated that the structure of the symposium will consist of five or six ‘conversations’ between two or three participants from both the UK and Brazil, each focusing on a particular theme.  There will also be scope for audience questions and engagement.

Day and Time: May 27| from 9:30 am

Where: Room K.1.28, King’s College London – Strand, London, WC2R 2LS, United Kingdom

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