Taste Festival arrives in São Paulo


Taste Festival has been around for 13 years now, having first taken place in London and since then gone from strength to strength, visiting cities the world over.

Taste São Paulo promises to be as incredible an event as the festival’s other incarnations, and will feature the presence of renowned chefs, preparing special dishes in front of guests. It’s a great chance to find out a bit more about high gastronomy, and there will be around 14 bars and restaurants participating at the event. In addition to the dishes on offer, there will be 30 different activities going on throughout each day. One of the most hotly anticipated attractions is Tsuyoshi Murakami’s Ramen class.

Other activities due to feature over the course of the festival are Chef’s workshops, beverage tastings, talks and special events going on into the night.

Taste São Paulo is scheduled for 8, 9, 10 and 11 September, at the Santo Amaro Horse Riding Club. Tickets will be on sale from the beginning of August, with prices yet to be defined – so keep an eye on the official website.

For further information and tickets: http://saopaulo.tastefestivals.com/


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