Study shows that the elderly are using more technology in Brazil


In line with global trends, a study conducted by AVG Technologies has revealed that the older generations are using more and more technology in Brazil, especially smartphones, and Brazil is one of the countries at the head of the pack.

Roughly 86% of pensioners use a mobile phone, 78% use smartphones or computers and 77% use laptops. Among the most popular apps, first place goes to communication applications, with 79%, followed by social apps, with 73%.

Social media apps – Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype – all appear at the 76% mark, and Google is used by 52%, which is not so surprising, considering that social networks are a worldwide phenomenon which shows no sign of slowing down, popular among users of all ages.

However, the biggest surprise in the study is just how much technology is helping with several issues. Participants were asked what technology had done to improve their lives and 95% said that it helps them to communicate more with friends and family. Another factor which received attention was information, with 95% saying they now find it easier to find out what they need to know, whilst 88% said they use technology to plan holidays.

The last question was about how technology makes people feel; 81% said that they feel more in touch with others, 70% feel that they are up to date with what’s going on in the world and 47% feel happier.

Pretty amazing, really.

Source: AVG is an on-line security company with over 188 million active users, and they spoke to almost six thousand people over the age of 50 about their tech habits and opinions on the latest market trends. The company spoke to people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. The study was conducted in November 2014.


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