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The Embassy of Brazil in London will present Sandra Kogut’s documentary film The Hungarian Passport

Speaking on the phone with someone from the Hungarian Consulate, the filmmaker asks: “Do you think someone whose Grandfather is Hungarian has the right to a Hungarian passport?” The question seems to come as a surprise to the person on the other end of the phone. “Yes. It’s possible…but, why do you want a Hungarian passport?” Kogut requests a list of the documents that she would need to attain for the passport, but the consulate worker still doesn’t quite get why she would want to become a Hungarian citizen.

The idea came to her in a flash: I want Hungarian nationality! The administrative process – requesting a passport – is the guiding line of the documentary. The filmmaker confronts existential questions such as: what is nationality? What’s the use of a passport? What is heritage? How can we write our own stories and create our own identities?

After the presentation of the film, Natalia Pinazza (Birkbeck) and Louis Bayman (University of Southampton) will be available to discuss the documentary with those present. They are taking part in the “Journeys in Brazilian Cinema” project.

When: 25 November

Time: 6:30pm

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London

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