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We are currently working at full steam to produce the next issue of BBMag Bossa Brazil Magazine, your Brazilian bilingual magazine in London

Bossa Brazil Magazine (BBMag) is a London-based bilingual lifestyle publication dedicated to the promotion of Brazil. We promote a positive and progressive Brazil, a nation full of intelligent and creative people, stunning tourist destinations, and a very unique culture.

Bossa Brazil Magazine (BBMag) is distributed to UK based readers at no cost, ensuring that the reach and impact of our sponsors and advertising partners is maximised amongst this very specific audience. Our total readership is 60,000, with 60% being British and international readers and the remaining 40% made up of Brazilians and Portuguese-speaking communities in the UK.

The latest issue comes replete with interesting articles, as well as travel tips for those wishing to visit London, interesting facts and figures about Brazilians and Brits, and plenty more information about events and goings on in both Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Advertise with us! Become a BBMag partner and raise the visibility of your business, not only with the Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking communities in the UK and worldwide, but with Brits and international communities here in London.

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About Author

BBMAG is the only London-based bilingual publication specialised in Brazilian and Latin American lifestyle. BBMag is free to all UK based readers ensuring that all our sponsors and advertisers benefit from 100% awareness to our given distribution audience made up of governments and establishments, industry organisations, bars and restaurants, arts centres, schools, cinemas, theatres, shows, festivals, events’ venues and many more...