During the London Caipirinha Festival you’ll find the world’s best caipirinhas!


The Festival takes place between 5 – 15 July in selected bars and restaurants across central London

There is no shortage of cultural spectacle this summer in London, first the FIFA World Cup in Russia and now the London Caipirinha Festival. So why not celebrate the two at the same time? During the last ten days of the World Cup, that is, from 5 – 15 July, the London Caipirinha Festival 2018 will be in full swing.

This provides fans with a unique opportunity to watch the world’s best football while enjoying one of the world’s most popular cocktails, the irresistible caipirinha. Where better to soak up the World Cup atmosphere with friends and family than at one of the participating bars or restaurants?

And as far as the London Caipirinha Festival is concerned, this is a competition during which the fans take on the role as referee, as the festival relies on a public vote for the best in class. Votes are cast online, on the festival’s official website, giving cocktail lovers a chance to really highlight which venues stood out the most during the competition. These bars and restaurants will compete across a range of categories, like “Best Caipirinha”, “Best Brazilian Food in London” and others.


The Competition

The London Caipirinha Festival is the largest Brazilian caipirinha and gastronomy competition in London during which local bars and restaurants compete across a range of categories for best in class.

To vote, the public will be encouraged to visit participating establishments, sample their caipirinhas and then cast their opinions online. Is there a better time to visit London’s bars and restaurants than during the World Cup?

The competition categories include best original caipirinha, best fruit caipirinha, best exotic caipirinha, best cachaça, best bartender, best bar, best Brazilian restaurant, best Brazilian food, best fruit, best gastronomy fusion, best location and best service. To stimulate and encourage public participation there will also be a string of prizes up for grabs.

Throughout the competition the participating establishments not only have their caipirinhas, food and service judged by the public, but also by a panel of critics and opinion makers. This panel’s vote will carry an equal weighting to the public vote, 50% each. The final results will be collated by the festival organisers and announced on 31 July.

The festival organisers are responsible for selecting the participating establishments.

“We were delighted with the success of the London Caipirinha Festival in 2017, so we decided to expand our horizons to incorporate other European countries, including Spain and Italy, thus helping to promote Brazil and cachaça to these key markets. This is the only event of its kind in the world, one that actively seeks to showcase a vivacious and high-spirited Brazil by profiling its diverse culture and unique cuisine,” said Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, president of VBRATA EUROPE and the festival’s organiser.


To stay up to speed with all the latest news and developments visit the festival’s Facebook page.


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