The London Creative Showcase 2021: Short Films


The London Creative Showcase 2021: a celebration of diversity, equality, unity and community 

Thursday, 9 September 2021 and The London Creative Showcase 2021 officially opened its doors to an impressive assembling of guests at the iconic Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square in the heart of the London West End.

The event screenings started with a full day of short film screenings celebrating a selection of independent filmmaking reflecting the diversity of stories told by an array of the hottest emerging UK film talent with an incredible variety of films with a sprinkling of magic embracing and celebrating the cohesion of the LGBTQ+ and BAME communities, taking you on a thought-provoking journey exploring the power of love, hurt and hope.

The opening event with film screenings commenced at 1 pm, then throughout the day with three screening sessions and finishing around 11 pm with an incredible line up of film directors, producers, production crew, actors, singers and celebrities including Leee John, Peter Straker, Stephanie Beacham, Omar, Jay Kamiraz/Mr Fabulous, Kym Mazelle, Mark Franks, Jack Warner, Cathy Tyson, Mark Almond amongst the guests.

“What an incredible turnout; we are absolutely delighted with the feedback to the opening event of the very first the London Creative Showcase 2021 and truly grateful working with such an incredible hub of creative talent who, without all their gracious hard work, time, and support this would not have happened. Looking ahead, we aim to continue with The London Creative Showcase as an annual event providing a unique platform for creative artists and emerging talents, especially from those areas of the community that are underrepresented and who find it challenging to break down barriers”, says Chris Smith the event organiser and Joint Branch Secretary in Westminster UNISON

The London Creative Showcase 2021 presented by Westminster UNISON is to attract its members and the communities back into the West End of London, helping to provide a jump-start to the local economy, creating jobs and giving a voice through this showcase, highlighting the programme on diversity, equality and inclusion across all areas.

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