The Waters of Caxambu


Caxambu is a city famed for having the greatest hydromineral potential in the world, making it the perfect destination for those seeking rest and relaxation

Caxambu is a small town set amongst the mountains of the Serra da Mantiqueira in the sourthern reaches of Minas Gerais, and home to one of the largest hydromineral reserves in the world. It is also one of the most important points along Minas Gerais’ Circuito das Águas (Water Network).

Caxambu is a destination that boasts 12 individual sources of mineral water, each with its own function. The best known, of course, are the medicinal springs, which are often frequented by people seeking alternative treatments.

Within the Parque das Águas there is also the Balneário, built more than a century ago. Following several renovations in recent years, the spa has been completely modernised and transformed into an important hydrotherapy centre, offering a variety of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments ranging from hydromassage to chromotherapy.

Visitors can also take enjoy panoramic views of the city thanks to the Caxambu cable car, or take to the water in one of the swan-shaped pedal boats.


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