Thinking of hosting a true Brazilian event? Check out our tips for success


If you are thinking of organising an event, corporate or other, that has a little Brazilian touch, here’s how to impress your guests:

 1- Choosing the catering

Serve classic Brazilian food and drinks, such as “salgadinhos” (savoury snacks, including “coxinhas”, cheese breads, rissoles), sweets (brigadeiros, beijinho etc.) among other goodies; guaraná and caipirinhas, and açaí juice. These are the flavours that will transport your guests to Brazil!

2- Cultural presentations

Cultural attractions such as a samba school performance, typical dances (samba, lining, frevo etc.), capoeiristas, among others, create the typical Brazilian party atmosphere and will make your event truly unforgettable.

3- Caipirinha master class

Ever considered having a qualified barman teach your guests how to prepare the perfect caipirinha, from the traditional to the more exotic? Success is all but guaranteed.

4- Decoration

Your event’s decoration is key, bringing colour and verve to your event by creating an authentic tropical vibe



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