To watch Brazilian TV programmes in London, you just need to find a TV installer, contract a cable TV service or watch Brazilian programmes on the internet


Even if you live abroad, nowadays it is possible to see a whole range of Brazilian TV programmes, by signing up with a London TV installer which has all the main Brazilian television channels, with a variety of packages on offer.

Among the most well-known Brazilian TV programmes in the United Kingdom and in other foreign countries, some of the highlights are:

Soap Operas Brazilian TV’s biggest export, the telenovelas (soaps) were created in the 1950s, and quickly became the most popular thing on TV, with their big-budget productions. Nowadays, the big Brazilian networks produce dozens of soaps every year which, if they are a hit with Brazilians, are exported and go on to have success all over the world, even in England.



A world reference when it comes to the quality of its journalism, Brazil transmits some of the most watched News shows in the world. Having received varied international awards, Brazilian news programming is edited with high quality production and presentation, and broadcasts news to the Brazilian and international public with efficiency, clarity and professionalism.


Live talk-shows

One of Brazilian TV’s most traditional formats is the talk shows. Having been around for decades, they are constantly updated to keep audiences interested in their guests from varied areas, such as music, art, Brazilian culture and all the latest trends.



Despite what many may think, Brazilians’ passion for sport extends much further than just soccer. Surfing championships, volleyball, swimming and skateboarding are becoming more popular by the day, being especially watched at the weekends. During the week, several sporting news programmes keep Brazilians of all ages up to date with developments.


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