Top 5 beaches in the state of São Paulo


When we talk about beaches, the first places that spring to mind are the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the state’s north-eastern coast. However, half of Brazil’s landmass borders the ocean, with many beaches that are not so well known and characterised by natural beauty and breath-taking scenery. Although São Paulo city is famous for its concrete capital, the state is home to some wonderful beaches. Here is our guide to the top 5, which you have to visit


praiasdomingasdiasDomingas Dias – Ubatuba
Access to the beach is via the BR-101 highway, after which a 300-metre trail leads you to a quiet beach with calm and clear waters, ideal for snorkelling and children. It’s one of the most famous beaches in Ubatuba, with a decent infrastructure in terms of tourism and accommodation. It’s a great option.



praiasboneteBonete – Ilha Bela
Bonete never fails to captivate tourists, “The Guardian” newspaper hailing it as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. There are two options in terms of getting there: by boat, or if you’re adventurous and like walking, via a hike that takes 3 to 6 hours. Once at the beach you’ll find waterfalls, walking trails and nature in abundance.




Maresias – São Sebastião
Maresias is one of the state’s most popular beaches given that, as well as its natural beauty, it’s a hotspot for surfers and younger beachgoers who like the nightlife. In Maresias you’ll find great bars and nightclubs, as well as great scenery.



praiasilhadocardosoIlha do Cardoso – Cananéia
Ilha do Cardoso is one of the largest environmental conservation sites in the state of São Paulo. For the tourist who really wants to have greater contact with nature, this is the ideal place. Located on the southern coast, you’ll find shoals of fish, dolphins and wildlife on tap. To get there you need to go by schooner or motorboat, but it’s definitely worth the effort.





Enseada – Guarujá
If you prefer more active beaches, full of kiosks and entertainment, the Enseada beach offers everything, and a little bit more. It is one of the largest beaches in Guarujá, and with its calm waters attracts many bathers and families. With its magnificent sunset, Enseada leaves nothing to be desired in terms of beauty.


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