Tourism records set to be broken this summer in Brazil


Sun, fun, an immensely varied culture and infinite natural beauty. It’s a combination which is bound to attract more and more tourists, who come from all over the world to see what summer in Brazil has to offer.

According to Embratur – the Brazilian entity which governs the tourism industry – this tourist season may see a record number of foreign travellers to Brazil. According to their calculations, the numbers should be up about 11% on 2015, possibly reaching 2.42 million tourists, which would be a new high.

The survey, carried out by the Brazilian Tourism Ministry in 2015, shows that the country welcomed 2.183 million foreign visitors last year. The new study shows that in the short period of December 2016 to February 2017, foreign visitors are expected to reach a third of the previous year’s total.

In addition to the success of Rio 2016, Embratur’s president Vinicius Lumertz points out that the main contributing factor to the increase is the investment in tourism promotions throughout the country: “Brazil is in people’s minds all around the world thanks to the wonderful extravaganza which we put on at Rio 2016. Our hospitality surprised 98% of the Games’ visitors. Embratur is taking this opportunity to send an open invitation to potential tourists, so we can break our own record”.

So, are you going to book your trip or are you going to miss out on a historical summer?


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Source: Mercado & Eventos


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