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Check out our list of the best events in February and March


Jorvik Viking Festival, York, Northern England

February 12 – 18

The annual celebration of the York Vikings takes place throughout the city each year and is considered to be the largest Viking Festival in Europe. The festival, which receives more than 40,000 visitors, reenacts the traditional “jolablot” Viking celebrations, annual rituals to announce the arrival of spring and the survival of the bitter winter months.



London Fashion Week, London, England

February 16 – 20

The year’s first edition of the biggest event in the fashion world involves more than just the catwalks shows, with debates, purchases and presentations of the sector also taking place in February.


St David’s Day National Parade, Cardiff, South Wales

March 1

The streets of the Welsh capital celebrate St. David and each and every Welsh tradition. Check out the eisteddfods, traditional celebrations of local culture and music.

St Patrick’s Day, Northern Ireland and parts of the UK

March 17

Ireland’s national saint’s day is celebrated locally with festivals, parades, carnivals and shows in various places in Northern Ireland.

FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford, SE England

March 17 – 25

More than 350 writers are drawn to the famous university to discuss literature, politics, history, the environment and gastronomy during an eight-day festival hosted at Christ Church College, which is located between the Tudor Hall and the university cloisters. Visitors can book literary walks, lunches and dinners with prominent authors. Since 2008, a creative writing course has also been part of the lineup.


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