Travelling with your dog


Whatever the reason holidays, a weekend away, or moving home it’s essential to consider your dog’s well-being and ensure that they too are able enjoy this “change of scenery”

Before you travel, whether by car, bus or plane, ideally you should seek the advice of your local vet, so as to limit the chances of your dog getting sick.

During car journeys dogs of up to 10kg are allowed to sit in their own seats, with a seat belt strapped to their collar. Another option is to use a transport container. It is important to make regular pit stops along the way to cater for the animal’s needs, as well as offer them food and water.

For those travelling by bus, you’ll need two things: a vet’s note that certifies that your dog has a clean bill of health and a transport container. Each company has its own policies when it comes to transporting animals and it’s always best to speak to a customer service representative in advance to check all the necessary requirements.

Airlines also have their own specific rules and routine checks – for up-to-date vaccines, that you’re travelling with a vet’s certificate to hand, that the dog’s weight is within the stipulated cabin limits, if there is a quarantine period at your destination, and even whether your dog’s breed is welcome aboard.

Armed with the correct information and all the necessary preparation in hand, all that remains is to enjoy your loyal friend’s company!



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