Tropical mood is the face of Brasil


British summer left an especially vibrant and tropical mark this year. From London’s most popular high-street retailers to luxury fashion brands, Tropical Mood was undoubtedly this season’s leading trend and is soon to hit Brazilian shores with full force.

The warm and vibrant colours include matching greens, roses, oranges and yellows, and a splash of neon. There was also plenty of royal blue to complement other warm tones, like red or even plain white, to achieve that “navy by the sea” look.

One of the key elements of this tropical expression was the incorporation of summertime prints featuring pineapples, flamingos, watermelons, lemons, and countless palm trees and flowers. The look, being universally cheery, meant that men’s clothes too—shorts and shorts in particular—took on a refreshing, relaxed new style, one perfectly fitting for the holidays.

And to help shoppers get in the mood, the visual merchandising used by retail outfits was the real icing on the cake. The streets of London were decked out with colourful window displays, beach settings replete with inflatables and images of tropical fruit, all designed to catch the attention of passing shoppers.

If you made the most of the European summer and still fancy a wardrobe upgrade—perhaps you’re even thinking of a year-end escape to the Brazilian summer—here are the must-have accessories sure to be on display in Brazil.

Floral and palm lace with light and elegant fabrics—lace floral arrangements have been widely used to create a romantic look. Designs featuring palm trees are perfect for a more sophisticated look in lighter fabrics, and a great evening look.

Scarves (the more colourful the print the better)! Worn on the head they are multipurpose: as a tiara they complement that romantic look, as a bandana they protect from the sun, but use as a turban for the more adventurous, ultra cool look of the moment.

Flamingos and pineapples—even if from previous seasons, the pineapple is still king. But to change up your look, go for pineapple-themed accessories that break the mould, for example, clutches, mobile phone covers, shoes and earrings. Flamingos have been everywhere this year, promoting a range of tones from salmon to shocking pink. The tip here is to make them work for both male and female looks, with unisex tees and shirts.


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